Quality Work-Based Learning

This section of the Earn & Learn Work-Based Learning Toolset includes four documents that provide the
foundation for defining and developing high-quality Work-Based Learning programs within career pathways.

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Learn about all the toolset components and download individual documents:
  • Introduction
    Outlines the benefits of Work-Based Learning for students and young adults, employers, the community and workforce development programs and schools. The components of the toolset are described, as are the benefits to be derived from application of the strategies contained within each element.
  • Career Development Continuum Chart
    Depicts the range of Career Development opportunities provided to students and young adults.
  • Career Development Continuum Narrative
    The range of Career Development opportunities provided to students and young adults through partnerships with employers, community and governmental agencies. The chart and narrative define each stage of the continuum, and list a sample of activities provided across the continuum of Career Awareness, Career Exploration, and Career Preparation and Training, whether they happen in the classroom, community or the workplace.
  • Work-Based Learning Quality Elements
    Ten Quality Elements that guide all Earn & Learn Work-Based Learning experiences. Work-Based Learning coordinators, teachers and workforce professionals address each element as they design a Work-Based Learning experience to help ensure a successful and high-quality experience.
  • Work-Readiness Competencies
    Eleven Work Readiness Competencies and indicators that comprise the set of the core skills and behavioral competencies necessary for successful transition into the workplace. Earn & Learn East Bay has identified these skills as benchmarks of demonstrated cognitive development, effective interpersonal and decision-making skills, and self-confidence in the work environment. Combined with the necessary academic and occupational skills, demonstration of these skills indicates readiness for work.