Work-Based Learning Toolset

About This Toolset

This version of the Earn & Learn East Bay Work-Based Learning Toolset was developed to support high-quality Work-Based Learning activities in Career Pathway programs. The audience for this toolset is primarily workforce intermediary staff, Work-Based Learning connectors and liaisons, agency directors, school leaders, teachers and program staff responsible for designing and delivering educational and training opportunities to students and young adults in the East Bay. The toolset is not intended to serve as an employer engagement support toolset. It is designed to assist leadership and staff in designing, implementing and supporting quality Work-Based Learning activities for students and young adults.

Download Complete Toolset

Learn about all the toolset components and download individual documents:
  • Quality Work-Based Learning
    Provides the foundation for defining and developing high-quality Work-Based Learning programs within career pathways.
  • WBL Activity Guides
    Designed to help schools, programs and their employer partners design, structure and support effective Work-Based Learning experiences.
  • Tip Sheets
    Designed to help schools, programs and their employer partners design, structure and support specific Work-Based Learning experiences.
  • Fact Sheets
    Designed to help employers understand what’s involved in participating in a particular Work-Based Learning Experience, or that provide additional information about a particular aspect of Earn & Learn East Bay’s Work-Based Learning program.
  • Tools
    Designed to support successful implementation of high-quality Work-Based Learning activities. Currently contains the Work-Based Learning Plan and Evaluation tool, and will be built out over the coming year.
  • Employer Facing Materials
    Provides easy access to the materials developed for employers that are included in this toolset, including tip sheets, fact sheets and tools.